What yoga can do for you in Austin ! Stress reduction ♥ Reduces lower back pain ♥ Natural high ♥ Overall sense of well being ♥ Clarity and focus ♥            

The word yoga means to unite or bring together and views the body, breath and mind in unity. Yoga focuses on healing the whole person and is considered to be the first holistic health system.


Prime of Life Yoga focuses on the contemporary teachings of yoga for Westerners, especially benefiting men and women 40 years and beyond. Safe, conservative and User Friendly. This is an intelligent approach focusing on moving with the breath in dynamic and static movements which helps to make the body mind connection as well as warming up the joints and muscles. Modifications are demonstrated to suit the individual. This creates a noncompetitive atmosphere which is comfortable for everyone.      




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LISA’S YOGA AESTHETIC                 

Lisa teaches Prime of Life and Yoga Bliss….the art of relaxation….
Lisa’s classes are light-hearted and fun with the goal of making everyone feel comfortable. The class begins with simple breath-oriented movements designed to bring you into focus and help make the connection of breath and movement. She then guides you through a variety of postures (asanas) with modifications to suit all fitness levels designed to increase strength, flexiblilty and balance. You will leave the class feeling refreshed and peaceful with an overall sense of wellbeing.


Lisa started studying Yoga with her brother Larry Payne Ph.D. of Samata Yoga, founding president of the International Association of Yoga Therapists. Lisa is a registered yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance and has taught yoga for over 10 years in the Austin area both group and private classes. She also received advanced training in yoga therapy and Prime Of Life Yoga. and is featured in Yoga for Dummies and the Prime of Life Yoga DVD series. Lisa attended CSULB and has a B.A. in Foods and Nutrition. She recently completed the Wellcoach program and is a Certified Health and Wellness Coach which integrates well with her yoga practice helping people to live a happy, healthy, holestic lifestyle. She focuses mainly on private  yoga classes and wellcoaching. Lisa, her twin Daughters and their pet schnoodle live in Austin. When she is not teaching yoga she is hiking with her dog,running,listening to music or cooking for her friends and family.

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Lisa Galizia, E-RYT 200 POLY CHWC