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“As a chef and food stylist I am on my feet, in movement and lifting continuously for several hours a day. In addition, I’ve been a runner and high-impact fitness instructor. All of this has added up to some chronic muscle pain in specific areas.

Prime of Life Yoga with Lisa was just the ticket! Lisa’s classes are comfortable, tailor-made and my 1-hour a week stress free respite.

Lisa consults with you on what your issues may be and what you would like to work on each week. She then focuses in and helps you release the negative, tension and stress through a series of stretching positions. She insures that each movement is done correctly and with ease. She supports and encourages you to listen to your body and how it wants to move.

Taking yoga class with Lisa has been extraordinarily beneficial to me. Thanks Lisa!”

~Beth Pav, Professional Personal Chef @ cookingbydesign

“Lisa is the most passionate professional in the private yoga landscape. I would love to take her classes again soon. It is so invigorating to be coached by her. Everyone should try and keep her as their private yoga teacher.”

~ Patricia Colloca,  collocamotion.com

“Your class earlier tonight was wonderful. I missed the last month so I went 2 months without your yoga class. I feel so wonderful and my spine so stretched out, it’s amazing. I appreciate it so very much. You provide a wonderful service. Thank you! 

~ Ike West, Lecturer-Writer-Educator ikewest.com

“Lisa has been teaching Prime of Life Yoga classes at Westbank Libraries for the past few years. They are wonderfully calming classes for the mind and just the right intensity for the body. She is encouraging and her gentle instruction is just right–she makes people of all yoga levels feel at ease in their practice. Lisa is knowledgeable about her practice and is passionate about spreading the peace of yoga to her students.”

~ Kristi Floyd, WestBank Library Programs Manager

“I love my private yoga sessions with Lisa! She equalizes my equilibrium!”

~ Sabina,  Austin

“Your class at the library was so great – perfect for me!  Perfect intensity and level, and perfect location and time, so I’ve been hoping something else would come along.  I’m definitely interested.”

~ Chris Watkins,  Austin

“Thank you Lisa.  Your classes are great.  You are a wonderful instructor!  I look forward to class every Monday. Hugs”

~ Sylvia Seale, Austin

“Thank you lisa! i felt so good after i left my session with you, my mood really improved. I’m so glad I found ya & started yoga-wish I had started sooner!”

~ Lorna Harger,  Image Architect, Austin

“My Favorite!”

~ Michelle Grant, Austin

“I was fortunate to have studied with Lisa for a number of years in Austin. Now in the Atlanta area, I am convinced I must continue with yoga, but I miss the variety and depth of Lisa’s classes. While studying with Lisa, I knew she was a treasure of knowledge and encouragement. She has given me tools and understanding necessary to continue to care for the body which has served me so many years. I remain deeply grateful, Lisa. If you are considering yoga, BEGIN TODAY!!”

~ Diane Hautt, Atlanta

“Gentle Yoga by Lisa is a great way to get your exercise!  It has prevented me from being stiff  from the arthritis in all joints.”

~ Joan, Lakeway,TX

“Lisa is a dedicated professional who focuses and emphasizes healthy lifestyle, nutrition, and diet.  In addition, Lisa is a very loving and kind person who cares about her family, friends, and community.”

~ Liba Thomas, NPR WASHINGTON D.C.

“I have had Lisa plan a yoga workout for me. I have been doing facials for 34 years and have some back issues. She listened to my concerns about my body positioning at work and developed a stretching routine that I can do at home when I cannot go to her classes. Her Yoga Classes are the Best I have ever taken. Her knowledge of the body and her ability to individualize the…

~ Joyce Marie Partise, Skin care therapist and Owner of Joyce Marie of Beverly Hills